Frequently Asked Questions

Your machine will generally run slower and act strangely. For instance you may open a website that you are familiar with but you are taken to a entirely different site. This is know as a browser stealer. You also may not be able to get online at all. If your not having problems with your modem or internet service provider you probably have a virus or malware problem.

There are many ways to get a virus and/or malware infection but many we see are simply picked up from random google searches then clicking on various unknown websites.  Or mistyping a commonly visited website for banking or shopping etc. These bogus or copycat websites are designed to infect your device by merely clicking to them. Another common infection source is caused by clicking on embedded links in emails. Searching for things for nefarious purposes is also a very common way to get infected by hackers. Looking for ways to bypass or remove passwords and other security breaching tools downloaded from the web are actually viruses. malware, or remote access software just waiting for someone to run them.

  1. Free gambling sites
  2. Hacker sites
  3. Free pornographic Sites
  4. Mis-typing website names
  5. Free gaming sites
  6. Running email attachments
  7. clicking on links embedded in emails
  8. Looking for software to do unethical or illegal things will most times land you in hot water.
  9. Frolicking on the dark web.

Even legitimate websites (like free gaming sites) that allow others to post advertisements on their site for a fee can unknowingly expose you to hackers, viruses etc.

Most computer repairs are done within 3 business days unless we need to order parts which puts us at the mercy of the mail/shipping company. Quite often our repairs are made the same or the next day depending on our workload and when the item is brought in to us.

Unlike many repair shops we don’t charge to look at your device, we charge to actually fix it. In some circumstances such as water spilled into a computer or a phone dropped into water we will charge a small fee to cover the time that it takes us to tear down, displace the liquid and inspect for corrosion, shorts and other issues caused by liquid spills. If the item can be fixed then that fee is included in the repair charges.

Since we don’t charge to check out your old computer it is best to bring it in to see if it can be repaired. We will inform you of your options to repair, upgrade, move into a new or refurbished unit, or to not have it fixed at all. If you choose a new machine we transfer your data at no charge to your new computer or for a small fee if you choose to buy a computer elsewhere.

I have heard plenty of stories from people having lost their data after taking their computer to be repaired. It is often posted at computer repair centers to make sure you backup your data before bringing it into them and often state that they are not responsible if your data is lost while it is in their care. At ACR we pride ourselves for going above and beyond to protect your data. And we transfer your data at no charge if you purchase a new or used computer from us.