Robert Zigler

founder and technician

Has been involved with Computers and the Electronics field for over 40 years.

  • Studied Electronics at Marlington High School
  • Telecommunication Major at Alliance High School 2 year Vocational Program
  • Tooling, Pre-Process Engineering and Computer Aided Manufacturing at Electronic Circuits & Design in Sebring, Ohio.
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering Training at Kent State University (Salem & Trumble)
  • Supervisor & Computer Aided Manufacturing at Sovereign Circuits in Jackson Ohio
  • Began Teaching Basic through Advanced Computer training courses 1993 to present.
  • Founded ACR Computers 1995 to Present

Meralyn Zigler


  • Bachelor of Science major in  Business Management   – Xavier University Cagayan de Oro Philippines
  • Student assistant in the Vice President for Special Development Office
    Xavier University Cagayan de Oro City Philippines while in college.
  • Branch Manager – Milamdec Foundation, Inc., Cagayan de Oro City Philippines
  • Technician – ACR Computers – Alliance, Ohio – 2005 to Present