Laptops & Tablets

We provide laptop and tablet repair for all brands of laptops, quality tablets, including iPads and iPod too!

We Sell New Dell and various other brands of Laptops, and a full line of refurbished Apple products.

Laptops and Tablets are more popular than ever. As the size, weight and price of these items go down more people are choosing to have their computers by their side. Unfortunately the freedom of portability comes with a price. A soft drink or Latte spills into your laptop or a poorly placed tablet or iPad crashes to the floor.

I spilled a beverage into my laptop! What should I do?

  • Remove the power immediately! Unplug the power cord first, then remove the battery if you able to do so.
  • Poor off any excess fluid and quickly dry the exterior with paper towel.
  • If you think liquid may have gotten inside the unit keep the device tilted in one direction if possible. Tilting it different directions could make things worse.
  • Don’t use rice to try and dry it out or wait to see if it will dry on its own. These “internet search cures” rarely work and the liquid can do more damage if allowed to sit in your expensive electronic device (especially soda or coffee).
  • Do not put it in front of a heat register or use a hair drier on it. It needs to be disassembled and properly cleaned before it causes a short or corrodes the parts inside
  • Bring it to us as soon as you are able!

I shattered the screen on my Laptop, Tablet, Apple Device or phone. What should I do?

  • Bring it to us! We can replace your screen as early as the same day if we have the parts in stock.